Monday, 20 August 2012

A weekend full of calories...!

I would like to say a big massive welcome to all of new followers :) Thanks for following.

Last weekend, was the first free weekend that we had since the birth of my baby boy.  We have been blessed with family and friends visiting but this weekend I actually had time to cook & bake a little. So I made my favourite roast veg, alongside of chicken pie in white wine sauce plus chips. The next day I baked blueberry muffins for breakfast. A weekend full of calories....which I might add I enjoyed, lol ;) So I thought I'll share some photos with you. Also added a couple of photos of my Cody. In the first photo, Cody is modelling the lovely outfit that my sweet friend Mandie, from sent along with many many other lovely gifts. Thank you again Mandie :)

My Cody is growing up fast and well, thank you for those of you asking.  I really miss blogging but doesn't time fly when you have a little one?! I'm trying to get a bit more organised, specially as it isn't long before all the festivities are upon us.  I'm so excited this year specially since we have a little one now. 
Hope all is well with you all, wherever you are. 

Merry Christmas in this warm August...,