Sunday, 26 September 2010

Favourite Christmas Film?

Photo thanks to Coca Cola add!

Hello all of you lovely bloggers.  I have just created a poll on favourite Christmas films.  Please feel free to vote for as many as you wish. Christmas is arriving fairly fast in England.  The temperature is dropping to as low as 6 C (42 F) and shops are filling their shelves :) I could not be happier. My husband has been very kind and treated me to a few nice Christmas snow globes. I will try to upload some photos soon. Hope you all have had a lovely weekend where ever you are.

Oh by the way, if you decide to join in the Christmas photo swap please let me know when you usually put up your Christmas Tree.  I am hoping that everyone who participates will be able to also send a photo of their tree but I need to know rough dates so I can plan a deadline.  Many thanks to all of you who have already sent me e-mails & said that you are hoping to participate.  



Thursday, 23 September 2010

An alternative Christmas swap

Hi all

Since "Christmas swaps" are so popular on blog land I came up with an alternative swap style for this Christmas. One that doesn't require a trip to the local post office. All you need is a camera & access to the internet ;) The idea is that whoever wants to participate will take photos of their town/city/mini break elsewhere. The photos can be of Christmas lights, shop windows, shop shelves, street decorations & so on.  Then you e-mail those photos to me & I swap them around between us. Then we will publish them on our blogs with a tiny ad of that person's blog. So one of you will get a photo from "Lily -".

If you want to join in please e-mail me on Please put "swap" in the subject box & what type of photos you may end up with, plus your blog. Meanwhile here are a few pictures of a few new Christmas decorations I bought recently.

Happy holidays


Love the word "Noel"

Scottish soap, wish I could also upload the scent, heaven :)

I named him "Comet" cause he is so cute.

Mr & Mrs Gingers!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Autumn in Lake District

We went to the Lake District over the weekend and I took some photos of Autumn arriving in the area. Hope you like them.


Friday, 17 September 2010

Autumn is here

Autumn has officially arrived in England.  Yesterday I needed a cardigan & socks cause it was so cold (around 16 C max). Halloween & Christmas Decorations are appearing in the shops & the heating came on this morning. All the leaves are starting to change colour & the weather as usual can't make up it's mind whether to rain or just be windy!

I had gone shopping yesterday, (the change in whether called for new boots) & I ended up buying a Santa decoration as well as. Well, this will make you laugh. There was a little boy shopping with his mum but he wasn't being very good. You know, he was moaning & pretending to cry & all that.... Then I walked right pass him with this Santa in my hand & he stopped crying immediately. You could see that he thought "oops... if I carry on, no presents from Santa".  I had to try hard to keep a straight face but it was so funny.

I normally buy more traditional looking decorations but really loved the modern/alternative look that he has. Also my autumn fireplace display is finished so here are some photos.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend :)


Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Advent candles

This is a picture of my Advent candles from last Christmas.

Wouldn't it be great if we could get an advent candle that started from a 100 days? That way we could burn it tomorrow for day 1.  I guess it would have to be very large! So I may put 4 advent candles out next year ;)


Puzzle Ball Tree Decoration

Today I started this puzzle ball, thinking that it would only take half an hour max. Wrong! It took nearly 2 hours as the pieces are plastic & there was no hole for the string. All done now.


Sunday, 12 September 2010

Autumn Wreath

After a couple of weeks my autumn wreath is finally made and hung on the front door.  I have had a few nice comments from people who live in the neighbourhood which is awesome as this is the first wreath I've ever made.  Here are some photos.

This is it finished on my front door.

Started with a plain 12 inch wreath & a scarecrow 

3 meters of 2inch wide orange ribbon & 2 meters of 1 inch wide lemon yellow ribbon. 

Scented dry mini pumpkins.

bag of brown and red pot-pourri 

I glued the pieces on as I thought might look OK. Then got some berries from the garden and used "twist & tie" wire to put them on. Wrapped the yellow ribbon all around the wreath and made a bow with the orange ribbon. It also smells nice as the pieces are scented.



Saturday, 11 September 2010

Christmas in England part 3

These are photos from York. For those of you lovely blogers who live or have lived in New York (States), this is the city that New York got it;s name from.  In York people love Christmas so much. Every year they put on a huge Christmas Market (where you can buy anything from handmade gifts to festive drinks & roasted nuts) & ice rings and massive decorations. It's really beautiful.

Pretty sure that's Hyde Park in London but I could be wrong!

Harrods in London

London - Trafalgar square

London - Trafalgar Square
Christmas Concert

Our neighbourhood :)  
Manchester Christmas Market

Hope you like these


Friday, 10 September 2010

Christmas in England part 2

This is Warwick Castle which is in Warwickshire. Hope you like them :)

These were taken in London