Thursday, 2 September 2010

Santa Clause

What were you told as a child about Santa Clause? I mean what made you believe? Did you write letters to him? Hubby says his parents used to leave a pint of beer and a glass of sherry plus some mince pies for Santa on behalf of the children right before they went to bed! My niece used to leave reindeer food (packaged pretty glittery stuff) just outside the front door. We had to try to sweep it away but there was loads left the next day.  She asked why was there still some food left and we had to explain that the reindeer must have been very full.

I always make sure that there are a couple of presents under the tree each year that are from Santa. He actually signs the gift tag! Do yo have any family traditions like these?

Love this Santa, this was a tin of Gingerbread biscuits. 

One of Santa's favourite Reindeer's is of course Rudolf who came along to our house in a mug. 


  1. Your fall decorations look wonderful! Is it cool during these months there? We are still having hot days here but it cools in the evening. This weekend we will be in the 80's, that is going to be fantastic!

    I sure hope you can load a video of you making that mulled wine. I love to learn about other cultures and watching you make something like that would be so fun. I love to read about your traditions.

    I grew up believing in Santa. I was 12 when I found out for sure he wasn't real. I think I knew before then but I wanted so hard to believe. It is such a beautiful myth don't you think?! We always open 1 present on Christmas eve and it is usually pajama's. Then we wake up bright and early in the morning say our prayers and pray about Jesus' birth and then tear open presents. We have monkey bread for breakfast and a big lunch. YUMMY!

  2. Thank you Mandie. It usually is fairly cool from September onwards but this year it is a bit warmer than usual although it rained for most of the summer. I can't wait for it to get cooler soon.

    Yes I think I'm still in that phase were I really want to believe in Santa too but it is also great to be an adult and appreciate the real reason behind Christmas.

    We usually have a slice of stollen for breakfast if we're at home but if we're at either parents's home then whatever they have. Although this year I am definitely making something different for breakfast. Have you watched the Family Stone? Meredith has a traditional breakfast in that film and on the specials of the DVD it has the recipe. That's what I'll be making, looks yummy :)
    Thank you for your comments, they really make my day :)

  3. Hi Lily,
    Doesn't Santa look so cute on that cookie tin? Love it!
    Growing up, we used to leave cookies and milk for Santa. Now my children do the same thing, but we add some raw carrots for Santa's reindeer. Another tradition happens if Santa is unable to bring a particular gift that one of my kids has requested...Santa will leave a beautiful typewritten letter in their Christmas stocking, explaining the reason for the delay (usually an elf problem) and a promise as to when their intended gift will arrive. That way, when the postman delivers it well after Christmas, I don't have to worry about them seeing it Santa sent it directly. :)
    I say, whatever it takes to make your holiday season go more smoothly, is the way to go!
    P.S. Sorry I posted Sundays with Santa a bit late this week. :(

  4. He's a nice looking Santa on your tin! Our Christmas tradition when we were children was for each of us to open a gift on Christmas Eve, and like Mandie, it was p.j.'s, and we just loved wearing our Christmas themed p.j.'s to bed!! We would leave cookies and milk for Santa and some sugar for the deer and were thrilled to wake up in the morning and see that the cookies were just about eaten and some crumbs remaining and sugar sprinkles on the table! I could never sleep well on Christmas Eve and was always the first to wake up my brothers after peeking out my bedroom door to see if Santa had left any presents yet, which was usually 4:30 or 5:00 in the a.m.! Such wonderful memories. Later in the afternoon we would go and visit my Aunt and Uncle and have dinner there, but we couldn't wait to get back home to play with our toys!

    Have a good Sunday Lily!

  5. A lovely tin, and wonderful memories ♥

  6. Nice to save themed tins from Christmas cookies!