Wednesday, 8 September 2010

a thank you :)

Today has been a very exciting yet difficult day for me. It has been incredibly exciting because lots of shops are starting to put on their Christmas bits & pieces out in the shops. A shop in London (Selfridges) started selling Christmas decorations on the 2nd of August this year which is the earliest any shop ever has in England (other than those "Christmas Shops" that are open all year round). The shop had a lot of negative feedback from people saying it's too early & so on but the thing is that people like me do go out & get excited & shop (which is why the shops have their decorations for sale earlier!). And that's when the difficulty comes in, because even though you are really excited & happy, you have to keep quiet about it or you'll get judged.  This is why the title of this little piece is "Thank You".

Thank you to all of you kind blogers who are happy to share things with me & also a big thank you to my lovely husband who puts up with all of this.

I will up load some photos of Christmas in England soon for those of you who haven't been here this time of the year yet.

Big hugs



  1. Can't wait to see how you celebrate. I usually go all out and I hope I have the strength this year to do the same thing. I start right after Thanksgiving so I can relate to your excitment about the shops having sales early. My local craft store has items year round so I guess I just don't even pay attention anymore! lol. Have a great rest of your week. Big hugs Beth

  2. Oh Lily,
    I'm so glad we all can talk about Christmas all year long here, and not be judged. I can't wait until you can take some photos this year and show us some of the decorated shop windows. I'm going get my camera good and ready for this year's holiday. I'll be sharing Christmas, Texas style, while secretly wishing I was walking all around London, my favorite city!

  3. Hi sweet Lily! I know what you mean about keeping your enthusiasm under wraps in front of people. All of my friends and family know my obsession with Christmas but I am always reluctant to share it with anyone else. I am constantly hearing how sacreligious it is to have Christmas items out so early. While I agree Christmas has become very commercialized I can't help but to keep the feeling alive all year long. I feel that if we can remember the true reason for the season it doesn't matter how others feel. Christmas is so much more then the pretty decorations. It is magical and you can't bottle that up for just one month of celebration. It needs to be celebrated ALL YEAR LONG! Isn't it so nice to be around such Christmas lovers here on Blogger world?! I am thankful for meeting another Christmas enthusiast!

    Hugs to you my friend and thank you for sharing everything with us.

  4. Hi Lily,
    I think about Christmas all year round too and I'm always on the lookout for a new ornie or decoration. It is magical and always conjures up wonderful memories.
    My friends have always teased me about being the first to have the music on and the tree up but it's just so much fun and a happy time of year. I am big into sparkle and pretty! My father always made a big deal over Christmas and he has passed that tradition on to me. Happy to 'meet' you! Please stop by my Christmas blog too. Christmas Pudding~


  5. Lily,
    I too think "Christmas" all year round. Even if I am redoing a piece of furniture and thinking of where I will put it in my house, I think about how it will look when I put up the tree in that room or what I will have to move to put up the tree!!
    I also look for decorations all year round at yard sales and flea markets!

    The craft stores here have started to put out their Christmas stock and people do say it is too early but as a crafter myself, you need to start to create your crafts early for the season so that you have enough to stock your booth or do Craft Fairs!

    I am so looking forward to your posts on Christmas Shops where you live!!