Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween everyone :)

Well, Halloween is finally here :)

My hubby carved a pumpkin and we've have been handing out "Halloween Goodie Bags" to dressed up little ones since last night.  This evening I will be in witches hat with scary make up & horribly long nails!  Hope you all are having a wonderful Halloween where ever you are.

Each goodie bag had 6 sweets, 2 balloons, a packet of Monster crisps, a pupmkin wrapped chocolate & Halloween confetti plus Halloween stickers. 
Halloween goodie bags!

The lovely pumpkin that my husband carved.

Window decorations

My beautiful Halloween bouquet that my husband surprised me with :)


The only down side this weekend is that my beautiful bunny rabbit isn't well. His name is Ashley.  He has an ear infection and is in a lot of pain. If you believe in the Lord Jesus like I do, please pray that he gets better soon. His little head is a bit tilted & he doesn't like his medicine so I'm trying to trick him into having it with treats. Please also pray that he takes his medicine. Thank you so much all of you lovely & kind bloggers.

Here is my lovely Ashley playing before he got poorly.


Sunday, 24 October 2010

Early Christmas gifts!

My LOVELY friend Mandie & I a while ago decided to send each other a little Christmas box.  I had first suggested limiting ourselves to a number of gifts but then we both decided that it might be more fun if it was a surprise.  Oh boy aren't I glad we didn't limit the number of gifts because I have been sooooo spoilt.  Unlike Mandie rather than slowely taking photos and unwrapping things like a civilised person, I almost attacked the box ;)

I was having a nice cup of coffee when the post man delivered a really big box with little "Happy Holidays" stickers on it so I signed for it & then opened it.  I was sooooo touched by all the effort my lovely friend had put in, personalising some of the items. Words & pictures cannot do it justice but I believe most of you if not all of you know Mandie & her blog ( so I guess I don't need to explain too much.  So here are some pictures.

A beautiful handmade Apron with my name on it. It made a few happy tears & it fits perfectly. The pocket  wit it's bow is so beautiful.

A tea towel with my initials :) 

Isn't this beautiful? The neighbours will feel the holiday cheer over the holidays when they see this in the window 

Oh I love these cute little fellas, it's like a ginger bread family :)

Home made soap! Only if I could also upload the scent. I shall not use any of them until the Tree is up. It will be hard but worth it :)

A wonderful cook book.  The entire box was filled with these colourful bows around the gifts, all of which I have kept.  There were also little gift tags with info about the presents.

A beautiful decorative plate that has my surname written on it but it is under the cotton flowers. 

These gorgeous flowers now have a vase and have cosy little home in our main cabinet in the dining room. I had never seen cotton like this before, we can't grow them in England.  I'm in love with them, now I know what Scarlett Ohara worked for in Tara.

oh so beautiful hanging decorations.

Lots of mints & goodies.

Lovely cocoa lip balm, hand lotion & body lotion set.  Just realised have forgotten to put the body lotion in the picture.

Very festive & soft set of 6 face cloths.

It is so lovely to know that there are such kind & wonderful people out there.  I will always love & appreciate & take good care of my beautiful gifts Mandie.  Thank you sooooooooooo very much. You have given me a great start to the Holiday Season. 

Happy Holidays everyone, 
May you all find wonderful friends this holiday season like I have.  I do feel very lucky.


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

This is Halloweeen.... Deocrations!

Not at all long until Halloween & so I have started to decorate the house so I thought I'll share some of the photos with you. I am also making some goodie bags for Trick/Treaters. Each little bag has a packet of Monsters Crisps, pumpkin wrapped chocolate, lots of sweets/candy, balloons, Halloween stickers & Halloween confetti.  I am also going to dress up all day, since it's on a Saturday we will have little ones knocking on the door all day long :)

By the way, those of you joining in the photo swap, are you clicking away? ;) Thanks to those of you who have already send in some photos. Looking forward to getting some more soon.  

Also thought you might enjoy this video of Ellen scaring her guests. 

Hope you all are having a wonderful time preparing for Halloween.



Happy Halloween to all

My lovely Pumpkin Tea Set.
The Autumn painting on the left is of the church where Shakespeare is buried in Stratford Upon Avon.
The jigsaw on the right is a Thomas Kinkade painting, I am a huge fan of his work. 

Hubby's Halloween Ale :)

Remeber the hanging pumpkins I had bought a while back?

Window gels, a witch flying on a broomstick over some homes.

More window gels

More pumpkins

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Dolls House

I really love & enjoy making Dolls Houses.  This the latest one that I have made.  I thought I'll share the photos with you, hope you like it :)

It is a home with a Christmas/Birthday shop underneath. Some of the decorations are from different countries that I have travelled to. The only thing that I have not added is lighting for as it is very expensive and very difficult. Maybe for next one ;)

A view of the property without the front door.

The bedroom with a Persian rug. (didn't come from there really)

The bathroom

The kitchen & dining table. I love a kitchen that is big enough for a dining table

The porcelain beer mug came all the way from Munich

The living room with a desk, the bible, fire place and letters & packages from all over the world ;)

The Christmas/Birthday shop

Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Gift boxes & Party hats

Cakes, chocolate boxes, Birthday desserts & drinks, yummy :)

Pretty Perfume Bottles & towels 

My Swiss girl who came all the way from Switzerland :)

The outside mini gardens for dogs, play swings for customers with little ones & outside toilet facilities :)

Do any of you make dolls houses? They are very popular this side of the pond. 
Only 69 days left.
Hope you all are having a Merry Saturday wherever you are.



Sunday, 3 October 2010

Photo swap details & Christmas snow globes

Have you all had a nice weekend?

It has been very wet & cold on this side of the pond but I have loved it as it is cooler & cosy. Also don't need to water the garden!

It is official, Christmas is on it's way & 2010 is rapidly coming to an end. Every shop is filling up their shelves with Christmas items & I am snapping away for the photo swap.  Those of you who haven't e-mailed me yet, please e-mail me "your e-mail address" if you have joined the photo swap.  Thanks to all of you who have already given me your details :)

my email is

I am setting a deadline of  November 28th for you to send me your photos please.  If it is too early for anyone please let me know.  Please also include a photo .of your Christmas Tree if you can. I would love to see how you all decorate your tree. If your tree isn't up by then, you could always send in a photo of your tree from previous years.  Also it would be great of you could send up to 10 photos. Please feel free to send your photos as early as you wish.

Meanwhile, I have been getting some of my decorations out & thought I'll share some photos with you.
A lovely "Believe" decoration that my lovely husband bought for me :)

Have a great Monday :)