Sunday, 24 October 2010

Early Christmas gifts!

My LOVELY friend Mandie & I a while ago decided to send each other a little Christmas box.  I had first suggested limiting ourselves to a number of gifts but then we both decided that it might be more fun if it was a surprise.  Oh boy aren't I glad we didn't limit the number of gifts because I have been sooooo spoilt.  Unlike Mandie rather than slowely taking photos and unwrapping things like a civilised person, I almost attacked the box ;)

I was having a nice cup of coffee when the post man delivered a really big box with little "Happy Holidays" stickers on it so I signed for it & then opened it.  I was sooooo touched by all the effort my lovely friend had put in, personalising some of the items. Words & pictures cannot do it justice but I believe most of you if not all of you know Mandie & her blog ( so I guess I don't need to explain too much.  So here are some pictures.

A beautiful handmade Apron with my name on it. It made a few happy tears & it fits perfectly. The pocket  wit it's bow is so beautiful.

A tea towel with my initials :) 

Isn't this beautiful? The neighbours will feel the holiday cheer over the holidays when they see this in the window 

Oh I love these cute little fellas, it's like a ginger bread family :)

Home made soap! Only if I could also upload the scent. I shall not use any of them until the Tree is up. It will be hard but worth it :)

A wonderful cook book.  The entire box was filled with these colourful bows around the gifts, all of which I have kept.  There were also little gift tags with info about the presents.

A beautiful decorative plate that has my surname written on it but it is under the cotton flowers. 

These gorgeous flowers now have a vase and have cosy little home in our main cabinet in the dining room. I had never seen cotton like this before, we can't grow them in England.  I'm in love with them, now I know what Scarlett Ohara worked for in Tara.

oh so beautiful hanging decorations.

Lots of mints & goodies.

Lovely cocoa lip balm, hand lotion & body lotion set.  Just realised have forgotten to put the body lotion in the picture.

Very festive & soft set of 6 face cloths.

It is so lovely to know that there are such kind & wonderful people out there.  I will always love & appreciate & take good care of my beautiful gifts Mandie.  Thank you sooooooooooo very much. You have given me a great start to the Holiday Season. 

Happy Holidays everyone, 
May you all find wonderful friends this holiday season like I have.  I do feel very lucky.



  1. I read both of your exchange posts. How lovely!

  2. Hi Lily, congratulations for your friendship with Mandie and your spectacular Christmas gift.
    This post is so cute.

  3. I am so happy that you like everything!! I had so much fun doing this exchange. I will cherish it for ever. Thank you for everything you sent to me. I love it all!

  4. What great fun....Now you will be able to incorporate these lovely gifts into your holiday decorating!

  5. What fabulous treasures. Mandy is so sweet, and her sweetness shows in the lovely presents she chose. That sure is big cotton. They grow it around here, and occasionally I will see it somehow make its way into my backyard. I have to laugh then, seeing as I'm such a city girl at heart! Thanks for sharing your exchange with us.

  6. Everything is so beautiful!!! Oh, but you two have put me in the holiday spirit!!! It really is the most wonderful time of the year!
    Enjoy enjoy enjoy that wonderful cozy feeling!

  7. Spoilt indeed! And I had to chuckle when you said you wanted to upload the scent. Hey, maybe that will be the next greatest thing online, huh? Technology being what it is, I would not be surprised!

    And you have a blog! I'm off to hit that Follow button now. =oD

    Finally, finally, finally decided what ornament to send. Never dreamed it would be so hard, but I so wanted something that would be quintessentially "here".

    Sending hugs and hope...

  8. What a wonderful thing the two of you shared! The gifts were so pretty! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

    Happy Holidays,