Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Cantebury Cathedral Gate

I haven't posted anything for ages, sorry but I now have finished my degree and am free from the university and have actual free time :) It is such a strange feeling to have a lot of free time! 

I know that some of you like to look at photos from this side of the pond so here are some more photos from our trip to Canterbury back in March.  
Also there is a video of the gate to the cathedral that I took. Hope you like it.  If you missed the first post on Canterbury please click HERE.

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Love Starbucks :)

This is an unbelievable little gate to the city that amazingly enough double decker buses make it through every day.  One time on a hot summer day a bus had expanded one inch and the tunnel took the top off. I believe some of the passengers were injured.

Sandy Cooper Gallery

Friday, 6 May 2011

Tinker Bell

I am a huge fan of Tinker Bell and her recent movies ;) Some of us never get old! 

What I really love also is the beautiful song by Loreena McKennitt - [To the Fairies they Draw Near ]. This is from the first film, Tinker Bell.  She has such an amazing voice.  Very suitable for all that magic and fairy dust.  I wanted to share this lovely youtube video with you that has been edited of the first Tinker Bell film.  It's all of the parts where Loreena narrates and sings so if you haven't seen the film it may not make much sense but the music is very enjoyable still.

What I have also learnt is that Disney is making a winter/Christmas Tinker Bell film which will be out in 2012. I can hardly wait.  There is one tiny clip on youtube of the new film, if you wish to watch it, please click HERE.

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Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Royal Wedding

Did you watch the Royal Wedding? Hubby & I went to my mum's for fruit scones with cream & jam. Coffee, Sandwiches and low alcohol pink bubbly :)

The wedding was divine.  The couple looked so beautiful and the ceremony was actually quite traditional but elegant.  I thought Princess Catherine looked stunning. The whole day was lovely and elegant.  Her bouquet was of "Sweet William" flowers which I thought was very cute.  It was a perfect fairy tale except for the fact they have not for some reason gone on honeymoon yet. The reason has been kept private but I believe they'll go somewhere some other time.
I have some photos to share with you in case you missed it due to different time zones.  The photos are from various online sources since no copy right infringement is intended I have not sourced every photo.

What did you think of the Royal Wedding?

Hope you are having a great weekend.


Official photo

Official photo

At Westminster Abbey

At the balcony, I thought it was very beautiful when she glanced back quickly as they were going back inside

The cake!

Princess Catherine's 2nd wedding dress for the evening reception designed by the same designer.

The wedding ring :)
The BBC has a also a nice collection of photos of the day, if you wish to visit please click HERE.