Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Cantebury Cathedral Gate

I haven't posted anything for ages, sorry but I now have finished my degree and am free from the university and have actual free time :) It is such a strange feeling to have a lot of free time! 

I know that some of you like to look at photos from this side of the pond so here are some more photos from our trip to Canterbury back in March.  
Also there is a video of the gate to the cathedral that I took. Hope you like it.  If you missed the first post on Canterbury please click HERE.

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Love Starbucks :)

This is an unbelievable little gate to the city that amazingly enough double decker buses make it through every day.  One time on a hot summer day a bus had expanded one inch and the tunnel took the top off. I believe some of the passengers were injured.

Sandy Cooper Gallery

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  1. Beautiful photos of this cozy town. Bet it looks beyond beautiful in the winter!