Sunday, 5 June 2011

weekend in London :)

We spent this weekend in London :)
It is so lovely to visit your favourite city in the world (at least so far, I may change my mind with various holidays in the future, TeeHee).  We were visiting friends who have just purchased an apartment so we didn't get to do many tourist things but for the first time just before we were about to cross the river Thames through the Tower Bridge, they opened it up for a ship to cross!  I was so excited as I hadn't seem it in action before so I took a few photo but they didn't come out that great.  We also took a walk at sunset along the river on the south bank looking at the skyline & it was breath taking :)

I have found a video on youtube that shows the London Tower Bridge opening, so if you wish to check it out please click HERE.

The photo follow the Tower Bridge as we drove through it, hope you enjoy them 7 hope that you have had a lovely weekend. 


You can just about see it in the distance opening up.

Tower of London & the famous modern glass building is the Swiss Re Building ( referred to as the gherkin) 

The highest sky scraper in Europe being built, the Shard.

River Thames at sunset, on the left you can see the Shard & to the right of it you can see the Gherkin!



  1. It looks lovely...not the dull, rainy London we often see in photos and film.

  2. What a beautiful bridge! It sounds like you had a great time and I am glad. I am going to check out the video

  3. When we were in London a couple of years ago I was filming the kids in front of the bridge and then all of a sudden it started opening!!! Can you believe how amazed we were! I will never forget that. Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures of my favourite city in the world too.

    Best wishes and happy week,