Saturday, 11 June 2011

Holiday Challenge on Ellen

Have you ever seen this? To be honest I have watched this many times as it makes laugh so much but this time I was watching it cause the set design is inspiring.  I am starting to plan new ideas for this Christmas, never too early, TeeHee. I thought I'll share the video with you & hope that it makes you laugh too.

Are there any particular holiday related clips that inspire you to decorate?

Hope you all are having a lovely weekend,



  1. I've never seen this one, but Andy is quite a riot! I had a good laugh! Thanks and have a really nice weekend!

  2. This was absolutely hysterical!!!
    I do love the background though!! The trees are very pretty!!

    Deb @ A Debbie-Dabble Christmas!

  3. Fun...and I'm also thinking of Christmas decor! Love it so much.

  4. I love Ellen! She is so funny. Andy was hilarious too, lol. I love the background :-) Hope you are having a great week!!!