Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Royal Wedding

Did you watch the Royal Wedding? Hubby & I went to my mum's for fruit scones with cream & jam. Coffee, Sandwiches and low alcohol pink bubbly :)

The wedding was divine.  The couple looked so beautiful and the ceremony was actually quite traditional but elegant.  I thought Princess Catherine looked stunning. The whole day was lovely and elegant.  Her bouquet was of "Sweet William" flowers which I thought was very cute.  It was a perfect fairy tale except for the fact they have not for some reason gone on honeymoon yet. The reason has been kept private but I believe they'll go somewhere some other time.
I have some photos to share with you in case you missed it due to different time zones.  The photos are from various online sources since no copy right infringement is intended I have not sourced every photo.

What did you think of the Royal Wedding?

Hope you are having a great weekend.


Official photo

Official photo

At Westminster Abbey

At the balcony, I thought it was very beautiful when she glanced back quickly as they were going back inside

The cake!

Princess Catherine's 2nd wedding dress for the evening reception designed by the same designer.

The wedding ring :)
The BBC has a also a nice collection of photos of the day, if you wish to visit please click HERE.


  1. Lovely photos!What a wedding and what a bride!I think she surpassed all expectations for style and grace.It was lovely to see the little touches of affection between William and Catherine,so sadly missing from the wedding of his Father.I think they will do a great deal of good for the image of the monarchy bringing a touch of normality to them and maybe getting rid of the old stuffy ways of the older royals.My daughter had to visit Bermingham the day after the wedding so I got some lovely souvenirs,the cupcake stand,the biscuit tin,a little plate on a stand,and flags!Happy days!

  2. I watched bits and pieces online. Such ceremony!

  3. It was wonderful! My husband was snoring about 4am so I snuck out in the living room and turned the tv on to watch. It was beautiful and so was she!! Beautiful photos Lily!