Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Royal Wedding

I guess by now some of you know that this Friday is the Royal Wedding and most of the country has been given the day off :) 
I personally want to thank them for deciding to get married if only for the day off ;) A lot of people over here are trying to pretend that it is not that big a deal but in reality lots of people are quite happy & excited. I am one of the happy people.  I'd say this is one the nicest things that has happened since the big recession.  Everywhere you go there are flags & pictures of Catherine & Prince William.  Various merchandise items & dinner parties.  Hubby & I are hoping to go to my mum's to watch it. We are planning a "British Style Afternoon Tea", so there will be tea, scones with cream & jam & little sandwiches & a little drink so we can toast the couple.  I have been taking photos everywhere to share with you all. 

Hope you enjoy the photos.

I wish both Catherine & Prince William a happy, healthy & long life together.


p.s. By the way my blog was having some difficulties with background so if any of you have missed my post on Easter Wreath please click HERE.


Trinket Box

Cupcake Stand & biscuits 

The cupcake stand assembled 

DVD's on Catherine Middleton

Ladies clothing with royal crown. The red one reads "It could have been me!"

Flags, wigs & bunting


Let's celebrate

Kiss Me Kate, a beer specially brewed for the Royal Wedding

fake Jewellery!

Party items


Kiss Me Kate, it actually tastes quite nice


Party details at our local "country golf club"


  1. Hi Lily,I cannot wait for Friday!I sat through Charles and Diana"s wedding and will do the same for this one,I think Kate will look stunning!
    We have Queen Elizabeth coming to our city of Cork soon,though I do not think I would get anywhere near enough to see her!
    I love all the merchandise for the wedding too and the street parties all over the country. Hopefully the sun will shine! Enjoy!

  2. Boy, I wish I could be there in the UK...I would be buying everything! I am so excited about the wedding...I can't wait! I will think of you as I watch it!

    Best wishes always,

    PS thanks so much for your email when I decided to stop blogging. I couldn't stay away, though, so will see you again really soon!

  3. Sounds really festive. I'm guessing there will be quite a few watchers here, too.

  4. Hi Lily! I am very excited for something as special as this wedding. It is a bit of romance and a fairy tale in such a hard time. We are having a special breakfast and dinner in celebration.

    I am glad you finally got your package. I wanted to mention that I found the magic washcloth in between the seets the other day and had to laugh. I hope you don't think I am crazy, lol. I will send it to you in another package.

    Have a glorious day and I will be thinking of you tomorrow!!

  5. Wow, so much William and Catherine merchandise! They are truly a beautiful and blessed couple! Have a nice weekend!