Monday, 25 April 2011

Happy Easter

My in-laws are are coming to stay with us over the Easter holidays and I decided to give the house a festive look. Although I didn't need any excuses really ;) The weather has been gorgeous lately so we're planning a BBQ and a roast dinner since we are having a long weekend.

I made a wreath and put a few Easter ornaments and snow globes around the house.  So thought I'll share the photos with you.

Hope you all have a very lovely Easter however you spent it & enjoy whatever you have given up for lent. Do you have any particular Easter traditions?

Happy Easter,


I used a foam wreath rather than a twig one. I found the twig wreath to be a little difficult to decorate when I  made the harvest wreath!

I also used some ribbon, eggs, feathers and craft wire.

I first added some ribbon but left gaps so I can use the craft wire.

I added craft wire to the eggs and added them to the wreath.

Then added the feathers and little eggs and then the ribbon.

Easter Bunny on our bannister :)

A few Easter cards

Easter ornaments and Easter crackers 


  1. Wow, what an amazing job on the wreath. I really love how festive you've made everything. The snow globes are really different and fun, a break from the winter theme ones is always nice. Enjoyed my visit today!!

  2. Hi Lily, How are you? I miss you in my blog.
    Thank you for your post. This is so cute.

  3. You did a great job on the Easter wreath! It is very festive and beautiful. I love all of your globes!! I hope you had a great Easter.