Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Easter Wreath

My in-laws are are coming to stay with us over the Easter holidays and I decided to give the house a festive look. Although I didn't need any excuses really ;) The weather has been gorgeous lately so we're planning a BBQ and a roast dinner since we are having a long weekend.

I made a wreath and put a few Easter ornaments and snow globes around the house.  So thought I'll share the photos with you.

Hope you all have a very lovely Easter however you spent it & enjoy whatever you have given up for lent. Do you have any particular Easter traditions?

Happy Easter,


I used a foam wreath rather than a twig one. I found the twig wreath to be a little difficult to decorate when I  made the harvest wreath!

I also used some ribbon, eggs, feathers and craft wire.

I first added some ribbon but left gaps so I can use the craft wire.

I added craft wire to the eggs and added them to the wreath.

Then added the feathers and little eggs and then the ribbon.

Easter Bunny on our bannister :)

A few Easter cards

Easter ornaments and Easter crackers 


  1. Lily you're place looks so pretty! I really like the wreath and your globes. Job well done! I am having my family here for Easter dinner also. We're having a ham, baked ziti, cabbage rolls and green beans and lots of yummy cookies to go with the coffee. Have a wonderful Easter day with your family!

  2. Hi Lily, It's me again. Just wanted to answer your question about having a long holiday weekend here. My husband and I are both off from Friday thru Easter Sunday, but not everyone is so lucky to have a long weekend. Thanks for stopping by. ;)

  3. Lily,
    Wonderful Easter Decorations!!

    I love the globes and the idea for an Egg Wreath!!

    Happy Easter to you and your family!!


  4. We do the usual for Easter... baskets full of candy and little toys, eat a wonderful lunch, and have an egg hunt at church. A little special thing I like to do for the girls is leave a trail of candy from their room to their Easter basket. They always crawl on their knees and scoop up the candy like it is gold :) Such a fun thing to watch. Blessings