Monday, 4 April 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday was mothering Sunday & so hubby & I took out my mum for a meal in a lovely place in the countryside.  We had such a lovely time.  Everywhere I've been to these days there are mother's day signs & so I decided to share some photos with you. 

When do you celebrate Mother's day in your country?

If you are a mother, then Happy Mother's Day to you  : )


Spring candles 


  1. All of those pictures look great! Here in America, Mother's day will be May 8th this year. Hope you had great weather for such a wonderful holiday!! Blessings

  2. Always early May here...I never knew it varied from place to place!

  3. We celebrate it in May in the states! Happy to hear you had a nice day with your mom!

  4. Mothers Day was celebrated in Ireland yesterday too,April 3rd! The date changes yearly,sometimes in March.
    I enjoyed a lovely lunch out at a popular local restuarant and went for a drive afterwards to a local beauty spot to finish off the day!
    Hope you enjoyed yours!

  5. Wow, I never knew that Mother's Day was celebrated at different times in other parts of the world! Ya learn something new every day. Glad you & yours had a lovely day.

  6. Hi Lily!! Thank you so much for sending a little Easter our way!!! The girls loved it and it was soooo thoughtful. We went and picked you up some things today and will be sending soon :). I hope you get it before Easter!

  7. I loved your spring candles.
    So beautiful!!