Saturday, 16 October 2010

Dolls House

I really love & enjoy making Dolls Houses.  This the latest one that I have made.  I thought I'll share the photos with you, hope you like it :)

It is a home with a Christmas/Birthday shop underneath. Some of the decorations are from different countries that I have travelled to. The only thing that I have not added is lighting for as it is very expensive and very difficult. Maybe for next one ;)

A view of the property without the front door.

The bedroom with a Persian rug. (didn't come from there really)

The bathroom

The kitchen & dining table. I love a kitchen that is big enough for a dining table

The porcelain beer mug came all the way from Munich

The living room with a desk, the bible, fire place and letters & packages from all over the world ;)

The Christmas/Birthday shop

Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Gift boxes & Party hats

Cakes, chocolate boxes, Birthday desserts & drinks, yummy :)

Pretty Perfume Bottles & towels 

My Swiss girl who came all the way from Switzerland :)

The outside mini gardens for dogs, play swings for customers with little ones & outside toilet facilities :)

Do any of you make dolls houses? They are very popular this side of the pond. 
Only 69 days left.
Hope you all are having a Merry Saturday wherever you are.




  1. How fascinating that you made and furnished this doll house! I like how you've incorporated items from your travels as furnishings of your house.
    I have a variety of doll house 1"12 furniture and other items, but no doll house. I've created a miniature dining room on one shelf of my bedroom bookcase. I would like to at least set up wooden boxes as rooms for the items I have collected so far. They would be mostly for a living room, study or library and dining rooms.

    Thanks for sharing your handiwork!

  2. How sweet. I absolutely love your doll house. I always wanted one as a kid but never got one. I love all of the details that are laid out. I especially love the kitchen table with all of its goodies. Precious!

  3. I LOVE your doll house!! I would have loved to have had lighting in mine too but beggars can't bee chosey since the wonderful man who built mine was 87 years old and was just diagnosed with lung cancer when he started mine. I can't wait to decorate mine for Christmas. Have you seen mine decorated for Halloween? Stop by Debbie-Dabble if you haven't!


  4. Wow! Wonderful! I loved the house.

  5. Hi Lily, what a lovely doll house. I made one once but gave it away, I wish I still had it though. I love miniatures!!! I do have several artist's links on my blog, paris miniatures makes the most incredible works of art!!!
    I will have to read your posts and see what else you have been up to!
    Margaret B

  6. Love your dollhouse, Lily. I'm so impressed that you actually make your own. What a great hands on project. Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted a big dollhouse. That dream has somehow alluded me, but still maybe someday! :)
    The tea set in the living room is so pretty, and I really like the downstairs shop. Great idea for that.

  7. Lily, I have come back twice to look at your doll house and it impelled me to make three settings with the miniature furniture and accessories I have gathered over the years. I then took photos and have studied them to see how I can improve the layout and what things I need to buy.
    Do you have a good source for cakes such as you show in your Christmas and Birthday store? I ordered some from an Ebay seller but do not like how they look in person.

  8. What a wonderful dollhouse! You have so much detail inside! You can tell it was done with love!


  9. Hi lovely lady.
    I love your Beautiful Dollhouse !!
    You have put so much detail and love into your work and love YES lots of Love !!! Im your newest follower on your beautiful Blog, hope you become one of my follower also. I do Tablescapes come see.
    I hope you have a Great Weekend.
    XXOO Diane

  10. I am impressed that you make dollhouses. This is adorable, love all of the details! Very pretty!