Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween everyone :)

Well, Halloween is finally here :)

My hubby carved a pumpkin and we've have been handing out "Halloween Goodie Bags" to dressed up little ones since last night.  This evening I will be in witches hat with scary make up & horribly long nails!  Hope you all are having a wonderful Halloween where ever you are.

Each goodie bag had 6 sweets, 2 balloons, a packet of Monster crisps, a pupmkin wrapped chocolate & Halloween confetti plus Halloween stickers. 
Halloween goodie bags!

The lovely pumpkin that my husband carved.

Window decorations

My beautiful Halloween bouquet that my husband surprised me with :)


The only down side this weekend is that my beautiful bunny rabbit isn't well. His name is Ashley.  He has an ear infection and is in a lot of pain. If you believe in the Lord Jesus like I do, please pray that he gets better soon. His little head is a bit tilted & he doesn't like his medicine so I'm trying to trick him into having it with treats. Please also pray that he takes his medicine. Thank you so much all of you lovely & kind bloggers.

Here is my lovely Ashley playing before he got poorly.



  1. Hi Lily! Are you ok?
    I loved this pumpkin. congratulations for your husband and you.
    Hugs e have a nice day,

  2. Aww, hope Ashley turns for the better.

    Aren't your Hallowe'en treats lovely! We have upwards of 200 children knocking on our door, so our candy is just doled out by hand -- nothing fancy!

  3. Happy Halloween to you too!!! I am sorry that Ashley is sick. I know it isn't easy to give rabbits their medicine, lol. We had rabbits that had ear mites and giving them their drops was like wrestling a wet hog! Your trick or treaters are soo lucky to get such a great treat. Have a great evening!!