Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Halloween decorations

Today my husband had a few meetings at a town nearby & I kept him company during the drive down & went shopping while he was in the meetings. Well, safe to say I'm pretty much done shopping for Halloween. It seemed like autumn has arrived there & 20 miles further we're still waiting. Mind you, Christmas has already arrived in London & we'll be waiting a long time until that happens here :)

Here are a few things that I've bought. 

A dead couple still in love :)

"Eyeballs" water globe that I broke but as it still plays the music I'm keeping it :)

The "eyeballs" water globe looked just like this one before I broke it.


Halloween water globes :)

Happy Halloween sign to go in the window.
Hanging pumpkin decorations to go on a wide ribbon and hang in the window.
Harvest Time tea light holder. I love him & have named him Ray (because of Ray Bolger- the scarecrow in W-O-OZ).

Have you bought/decorated anything yet?


1 comment:

  1. Love those little hanging pumpkin decorations. They remind me of little vintage ones. Cute.