Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Christmas Trees at the Garden Centre

I would like to wish you all a belated Happy Thanksgiving (those of you who celebrated it last week). Hope you all had a lovely time.

I went to our local garden centre & really enjoyed their decorations so much that had to share some photos with you all. I thought they were much better than last years. They seem to have used a lot of ribbon in the trees, which I believe is popular in the U.S, but not over here so it is really refreshing to see. I thought they were beautiful. 

The decorating of our house is finally coming to an end, hopefully the carpets will be all done by the end of the week & I will be able to put out our Christmas decorations. I can't wait. I'm also hoping to make a new wreath if I get some free time. Hope you all are having a great week.


These upside down trees have lately become very popular for those  with very limited space in their homes.

I loved his smile & "Believe"

An alternative tree! Not sure where you would store it the erst of the year though.


  1. I love to see all of the different trees! I especially love all of the white that I saw :-) I love all of the ribbon trees that I see around but I am not that good with it, lol. Our tree looks the same as it did last year but I did put another small tree next to it on a child's chair. Blessings and hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Thanks for this wonderful view of decorated trees from across the pond!

  3. Hi Lily,
    Such beautifully decorated trees, and all the other ornaments. A lovely store to wander through.