Thursday, 29 May 2014

Busy busy busy...

Hi everyone

Hope you all are doing well. Just a quick note to say that I am desperate to start blogging again & should be able to start again soon. I had another baby (a surprise baby) in January. I had an extremely difficult pregnancy followed by some health issues after birth. Thankfully for now we are all healthy and happy and gradually getting back to normal life.  You may remember my little boy Cody who is now 2 & my daughter is 4 months old. We named her Collette. She is a delightful little thing.

I have missed visiting your blogs and contacting all of you & look forward to getting in touch again. So bye for now & "speak" soon,



  1. Congratulations! I must admit I saw your post and thought its not Christmas yet!

  2. Hi Lily! It's great to have you back again. Congrats on your new baby girl. I'll look forward to reading your posts.