Saturday, 7 June 2014

Christmas magic

Hi all
I'm so excited about Christmas 2014 already as my Cody will hopefully be old enough to understand the magic of it a little. I know it's kinda selfish but I have let him watch some of our Disney Mickey Mouse Christmas special DVDs to start to get an idea. He loves them.
We feel like we kinda skipped christmas last year really as I was struggling with my pregnancy and Cody was ill with an ear & chest infection on Christmas Day. We actually ended up at the hospital with him on the day. I hope & pray for a healthier & happier christmas this year.
Do you have any tips on introducing children to the magic of Christmas? I would appreciate
Hope this finds you well.
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  1. I let my grandkids watch our Christmas DVDs whenever they ask, any time of year. We have some good Veggie Tale Christmas stories. I also keep out the Christmas books for kids year around and if they want to read one, we do. Each year around October, I start talking to them about Christmas and try to teach them a new Christmas carol or song. They will be five, three, and three this year at Christmas. I also have a Christmas countdown app on my phone that starts up in October, The five year old every once in a while asks "When will Santa be off vacation on your phone?" Hahaha!