Thursday, 2 December 2010

White Christmas

It seems like we are in for a white Christmas. Temperatures haven't been this cold in November/December since 1919.  Thousands of schools and business's have been closed including my university.  Am enjoying a hot cup of coffee with Andy Williams singing in the background while looking out to the back garden.  Snow is falling as big as pop corn :)  About 10 inches of snow so far but we may get more.  We usually get a sprinkle end of January so the entire country is in a shock.  Had a white Christmas last year but this is unbelievable.  I took a stroll in the neighbourhood yesterday & took some photos to share with you.  Do you always get a White Christmas?

Merry White Christmas :)

Back garden

Tree in the back garden

Another neighbour's front garden

That huge pile of snow in the corner is the neighbour's car!

Round the corner from where I live

Frozen fountain

View from front door

Back garden

Our window display


  1. Wow! That is cold! But so beautiful too!
    No, being in Greece we never get a white Christmas. One year snow fell but didn't stick to the ground! Normally we get a bit of snow in January of February. But it doesn't stay around for long...normally gone by the afternoon.
    Hope it comes back to visit you for the holidays!

  2. Lily,
    Looks beautiful! No snow here yet but hopefully soon as I want to take pics of the outside of the house decorated with snow!
    I have to pass on the blog award as all of my blogs are award free. I am flattered that you thought of me and I am so very honored but I have heard some night mare stories about awards and I don't want to hurt or upset anyone so I very respectfully decline!
    I do hope you understand and THANKS again!!


  3. Your photos are beautiful! We had snowflakes fall 2 days ago but they melted as soon as they hit the ground. It was beautiful coming down though. We usually get snow in late february and early March. Last winter it stayed cold way tooo long, lol.

    Just let me know if you get more pics. I will do what ever you want me to do as far as swapping them.

    Have fun with no school!!!

  4. Ah, good old Andy Williams, and snow is beautiful:)