Saturday, 29 January 2011

Christmas Market @ Birmingham

Hope you all are having a lovely Saturday wherever you are.

One thing that is popular here is to find out which British city is twined with which European city.  Birmingham (an hour drive away from us) is twined with Frankfurt.  So every year (from November until Christmas Eve) the Frankfurt Christmas Market comes to Birmingham and the Birmingham market goes to Frankfurt.  Actually a lot of the twined cities between this country and Germany do the Christmas swap.  I'm sure you know how wonderful and festive the German Christmas markets can be.

So one weekend, towards the end of November my lovely hubby & I went to Birmingham to visit the Christmas market.  It was total bliss :)
We bought a few lovely decorations , had lovely sausages and chips, German beer and mulled wine. Shopping included a set of 3 small glass vintage bells for the tree - reminded me of It's a Wonderful Life - We kept ringing the bells hoping that each time an angel got a set of wings ;)
It was very very cold but the lights and the festive spirit kept us going. It was busy with people and buskers.  There was music wherever you went.
I thought I'll share a few photos with you.  Hope you like them.

I haven't got around any cooking that is suitable for the blog yet but will try to soon.

Also a warm "welcome" to all of the new followers :)


The drinks stand

These lights were so pretty and everywhere

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Don't you just love a simply decorated tree?

Candy stand

Food court

Traditional German Mulled Wine

German Beer

A Lovely church in the centre of Birmingham

Ginger bread hearts with various messages on them

Very traditional very popular in Germany

Wooden Christmas decorations


  1. Very pretty! this really does look just like the Christmas Markets that I've seen in Cologne, Bonn and Munich. Nice!

  2. What wonderful photos! I've never been to England or Germany but always dreamed of going to the home of my ancestors! Love the gingerbread hearts! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Beautiful photos! I'd love to go shopping there, it looks like you and your hubby had a wonderful time!

  4. WOW! How lucky you are to have such a place to go to!

  5. Oh Lily, that looks like so much fun!!! The lights are beautiful and the stands are to die for. I love all of the pics. you post, I feel like I have a window into your country :) I love the gingerbread hearts. So pretty!

  6. Beautiful Photos! :-)

    I like the blue light decorations. :-)