Sunday, 9 January 2011

2010 and New Year's resolutions

Adorable "Believe" at the local garden centre.  The had sold out by the time I went back to get one but luckily have a photo of it.

I have just a very busy working Saturday.  My lovely husband surprised me with a lovely huge bouquet of flowers to cheer me up and cooked :)  Hash browns, sausages and mushrooms browned in butter, total bliss. So thank you hubby [you see, he is a follower ;) ]

I must admit though I am looking forward to having the time to actually do my New Year's resolutions.

  1. Keep the Christmas spirit all year long
  2. Tidy up, de-clutter, clean and scrub the entire house
  3. Cook recipes from cook books that I have but hardly use
  4. Blog about all 3
  5. And finally graduate without going totally insane!
Bet you are thinking oh joy!!!

I have the lovely cook book that my sweet friend, Mandie from whispering christmas dreams sent to me in October.  If you have missed the post and all of those lovely gifts I received, you can see it HERE
Also my husband bought me Julia Child's cook book, Mastering the art of French Cooking for Christmas.  So that will be heavenly too.  I will not cook my way through it though like Julie Powell.  There is no way I can cook live lobsters or kill them for that matter.  I also have an entire cook book dedicated to cakes and 2 books on Christmas recipes.  I spent all summer last year and sort of invented my own recipes. I have been taking photographs from the different dishes I made so if I don't have time to cook, I could share some of those recipes with you.  

So, what are your New Year's resolutions? I have read some blog posts about it but not many.

Also I have been thinking about 2010 and I have mixed feelings about it.  In many ways it has been aa very difficult year and in other ways it has been quite nice.  Here is a little highlight from each month of 2010.

January - My best friend was staying with us over the holidays & I threw her a surprised Birthday Party.  She was VERY surprised and we all had a great time.

February - My hubby & I celebrated a lovely Valentines day.  Rather than the actual day where we were both busy, we celebrated the weekend before and it was really lovely.  Also gave up alcoholic drinks for lent. Not that I drink too much but the idea was to give up something I enjoy.

March - After my hubby Birthday I turned 26.  We went out for a little meal with my mum.  It was lovely.

April - Went on holiday to Malta for a week and got stuck there by another week because of the Iclanding volcanic ash cloud.  It was really nice and really horrible in many different ways.

May - Finished 2nd year at the university

June - started to volunteer for the Alzheimer's society for the 2nd year and had a trip to Copenhagen to visit family

July - went to Stratford - upon - Avon (where Shakespeare was born and worked) for our 6th wedding anniversary.  Visited the shop that sells Christmas all year round and REALLY got into the Christmas spirit :)

August - Started blogging & visited my Uncle in Cumbria.

September - had a mini trip with mum & hubby to the Lake District.  Started 3rd/final year at the university.

October - exchanged gifts with Mandie, got ready for Halloween.

November - this was a particularly difficult month as we lost our beloved pet bunny rabbit.  Also mum broke her arm after a fall in the rain.

December - Had a lovely trip to the Lake District with family for an early Christmas.  The holiday was lovely but followed by horrible colds for both of us.  Celebrated Christmas & New Years.

So here I am typing to you on the early hours of January 9th of 2011.

I will be uploading some photos of the December holiday soon, promise.

Hope you all are having a lovely weekend.




  1. Lily, I'll be sharing all of your goals but #5 -- enjoy the last bit of school though!

    On the Christmas front, I was feeling a little down at the prospect of taking down our tree and decorations only to find I was next in the library queue to pick up a book called The Farm Chicks Christmas. It wasn't what I expected, but still very enjoyable and uplifting.

    This year I'm also getting smart and starting my handmade gifts early! Like right now!

    Happy January!

  2. Sounds like you have a very thoughtful hubby! I enjoyed reading about your year in review. I watched the movie with Julie Powell thinking I wasn't going to like it very much, but was so surprised at what an enjoyable movie it really was! Glad to hear that you will be graduating this year. I'm sure you have worked very hard for your degree! Hope you have a great year ahead!

  3. Hi Lily,
    I hope that the year 2011 is wonderful for you. Always believe!

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  5. I have added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit my blog and become a follower also.

  6. I envy your Christmas spirit... unfortunately I do not feel at Christmas, let alone the rest of year... :(

    You are lucky. Byez.

    ps.: sorry for my bad grammar but i'm Italian!

  7. Praying for an awesome 2011:)

  8. HI LILY!! Thank you ever so much for the beautiful comments you have made about me. You are truly a kind spirit. I need to be better at blogging that is for sure. It sounds like you had a lot of good things happen in 2010. I am very happy for you to be done with school this year. I went to school a couple of years ago and know it is very hard to do. The Art cook book by Julia, swoon! How fantastic to have gotten that beautiful book. I couldn't cook my way through it but I bet it is a wonderful read. I can't wait to see pics. and hear about any of the recipes you try in it. I sure hope you enjoy the recipes in that cookbook of Arkansas. I cherish the ones you sent with all of my heart. That swap we did together was definitely a huge highlight for my 2010 year. I am truly blessed with your friendship! I pray you have a great Tuesday!!