Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Holiday Cottage

 Guess by now many of you know that hubby & I went away for our 7th wedding anniversary to a cottage in North Wales.  This blog post is simply about the cottage, the gorgeous cottage :)  It sleeps 6 people so I'm sure you can imagine how much 2 people enjoyed all that space.  It was beautifully decorated & so peaceful, the only 2 noises you could hear all day long was birds singing and a few sheep in the farm at the back. There were many games, DVDs and CDs available to use & to my delight there was a Christmas CD & "It's a Wonderful Life".  We had a lovely time using the hot tub, watching films, playing board games and visiting the local area.  We had never been to North Wales & had never really hired a cottage before. It's always hotels or B&Bs. I loved how you could smell the fire in the living room as you came into the room everytime & kept imagining Christmas lights all over it. The cottage was an up side down cottage so you could reall take in the breathtaking views.

I had to share some the photos with you guys, hope you like them :)


Front of the cottage
Back of the cottage

Fab hot tub

Back garden

Back garden, bbq area

Wood burner for cold nights

The farm at the back of the cottage


Master Bedroom

Real victorial fire place in the master bedroom that was brought in from a mining cottage near by!


2nd bedroom


Mini conservatory 

Games room

Beautiful writing desk 

Gorgeous lounge, real wood burning fire

3 bedroom with 2 beds

Breakfast room followed by formal dining room

Our cake on the kitchen counter & our Canadian Iced Wine that our friend had sent from  Canada, we had saved it for a special occasion.


  1. Lily, the cottage is adorable! I absolutely loved the kitchen...I dream of a kitchen like that! The countryside is beautiful and peaceful looking. I'm glad you enjoyed your stay there. Oh, and Happy Anniversary!

  2. Oh my, that's far beyond any cottage I've seen! What a lovely retreat you must have had. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  3. Lily, everything looks wonderful!! The cottage is perfect. So glad you two had a great time