Saturday, 16 July 2011

Elf the movie: Santa Announcement

Today I watched ELF for the first time!  Why hadn't I seen it before?!?!  I looooooove this film, now I know why it is a holiday favorite for many.  I love that the film is set in New York city, which I really hope to visit someday.  The thing is I'm not a huge fan of Will Ferrell specially after watching "Step Brothers".  I bought the film this week on Amazon for about £2.00 & it happens to be a 2 disc special edition.  Have any of you seen the special features, the "Deck the Halls" feature?  It shows many people who are absolutely in love and obsessed with decorating their homes for Christmas.  Some of the footage is breath taking and has made me want to start planning and making decorations for this year.  I am going to use a new book that I have bought, "Crafting Christmas Gifts" by David and Charles Media Inc.  There are many ideas on how to make angels, snowmen etc.

Only 161 days to go, have you started planning yet?     

By the way many thanks for those of you who wished me & hubby a Happy Wedding Anniversary.  Our holiday was really special and lovely & I will upload some photos soon.  If you missed the post on my "Surprise Wedding Anniversary Cake" please click HERE.  

Hope you are having a lovely weekend & please let me know if you have started planning for Christmas 2011. 


Both Images: Thanks to Google Images.


  1. Lily,
    I LOVE this movie!! It is so cute!! Have you ever seen One Magic Christmas? It is a Disney movie, another favorite of mine. And Santa Claus, the movie? These were the first movies that i took my boys to when they were young!!
    A Holiday Haven is having a Christmas in July party where you can link up old posts from last year. Check out details on my Christmas blog if you are interested.


  2. That would have to be my all time favourite Christmas movie. We watch it as a family every year in July and at Christmastime.

    Happy anniversary too! Congratulations.

    Best wishes and happy week,

  3. That is one of my favorite Christmas movies!! I always laugh when I watch it, lol. I don't have the other DVD, I wish I did. I bet there are great ideas. I haven't started any plans or crafts yet but better get started... not long now!! Hugs

  4. Hi Lily! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I always enjoy hearing from you! About this movie, I am not a Will Ferrell fan, but one evening my grandchildren were here and it was on our ON DEMAND channel. They said they had seen it and it was really funny. I'm thinking to myself, I'm sure it was a stupid movie, but we watched it anyway, and I'll tell you what...I was very surprised!! I really enjoyed the movie! Very cute! So I have since then watched it again! Guess I was wrong!

    I haven't done any planning for Christmas yet! However on the 25th of this month, I will be watching QVC on the television at midnight for their Christmas in July show. I watch every year and I love seeing all of the Christmas items they have available!

    Have a very nice week ahead!