Sunday, 25 September 2011

Christmas Mugs

Here are some photos of some of our Christmas mugs :) I loooooove Christmas mugs, bet you're surprised, lol. We use the mugs all year long to be honest & whenever I see one that I like I just buy it & then get rid of regular mugs to make room for the new ones. One Christmas mug that I would love to have though is a Starbucks Christmas mug. I never seem to see them in our local Starbucks & have looked online but haven't been very successful.  If I do find one, I'll definitely let you know. Do you also collect Christmas mugs?

Hope you are all having a great weekend & by the way please don't forget to stop by at my sweet friend's (Maureen) blog this Sunday to share your Santa photos. I love reading them and have come across a couple of new great blogs that I didn't know about. 



  1. Oh wow...I love love love your collection of Christmas mugs!! You really are a serious collector! I have some Christmas mugs too and I love using them...they just seem to make the hot chocolate or coffee or tea taste all the more better!! Have a great Sunday!! Is that a Thomas Kinkade puzzle in the background??

  2. I also collect Christmas mugs! I hope you don't mind if I borrow your idea for my own blog. I'm so excited for Christmas, and I've been thinking about displaying only Christmas mugs starting now, instead of the mish mash of mugs we usually have on the mug rack.

  3. Such a great collection! I'm not much of a mug user (I don't drink coffee, tea only rarely, and hot chocolate only during winter), but I do keep meaning to find more Christmas dishes...until I remind myself of my limited storage.

  4. You have gathered a very nice collection of Christmas mugs. I have only a few Santa mugs plus my Christmas Tree mugs by Spode. Having holiday-themed items adds so much to the holiday decor!

  5. What a great mug collection! I have a few Christmas mugs, not enough to call a collection. I'll be stopping by your blog regularly...

  6. Hi Lily,
    Love the Christmas mug collection. I'll have to keep my eye out for a Starbuck's Christmas mug. Is there a particular one that you are keen on, or any Starbuck's Christmas mug?
    I drink my tea and coffee out of a Snowman mug...all year long. Everyone in the house knows thats Mommy's mug! Have a great week.

  7. You have a wonderful collection of Christmas mugs! You beat me. I only have a few.

  8. You have a great collection of mugs! I will keep my eye out for a Starbucks one. I have a few and use them all year. Love to use them with hot cocoa or coffee, mmmm.

  9. Lily,
    As I read the post linked below, I remembered your post on your Christmas mugs, and thought you might find this interesting.
    Seasons Greetings!