Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Haddon Hall

First of all I would like to thank you all for leaving comments :) I do love reading them all & appreciate them. I do try to visit your blogs but have been suffering a bit with morning sickness so am not on the computer as much as I'd like to. So please don't think that I have forgot all about you guys. 

A while ago we went to visit a lovely stately home, Haddon Hall, which is nearby. It was so beautiful & I was told that it would be ok to take photos and share them with you all so I did.  Usually you are not allowed to take photos or use flash so I was over the moon when I was told that I can take photos. It was such a cute and cosy place. You know how people always say "oh I wish I owned this palce" well, usually the first thing that comes to my mind when I visit large places like these is, "oh how long it would take to clean a place this big", lol. This place although very big, seemed very homely. The furniture was grand but of wood rather than crystals and glass. It looked very earthy & there was large tapestries hanging on the walls. I could imagine myself sitting in the window with a good book like Pride & Prejudice and lovely cup of tea. I love it when a place gives that vibe. I love visiting posh places too but somehow don't feel comfortable visiting them as much. Probably because I worry about breaking something! The gardens in Haddon Hall were also really lovely, very grand but also with a herb and vegetable patch. Isn't that cute?! 

Hope you all are having a good week and enjoy the photos.  Hubby & I have a baby scan coming up on Monday so we are very excited. I'll keep you posted and many thanks for your prayers :)

Many blessings



  1. Oh gosh, Lily. That place is absolutely beautiful. Could you imagine that being your home?! The garden is beautiful as well. I love flowers and herbs. I am like you and like to feel cozy in a place. I love to look at grand place but love to stay for a visit in homey places :-). I love how you have changed your blog, looks great! Hope you are feeling better REALLY soon. Hugs to you and baby!

  2. Lily, Thanks so much for sharing your visit to Haddon Hall. It took me right back to my stay in England in 1970, and my return trips in 1979 and 1995. Each time I visited many wonderful houses and enjoyed each one for its special features.
    Hang in there with the morning sickness, things will look up soon!
    Have a gret weekend,
    Carrie - Oak Rise Cottage

  3. Wow, what a huge place. Love the grounds and gardens. I hope your morning sickness goes away soon. When you get a picture of your baby scan, you should post it on your blog. Have a great weekend!

  4. Haddon Hall looks lovely. Kinda reminds me of Anne Boleyn's Hever Castle. Haddon Hall has a perfect location, right next to a river. The photos were beautiful.
    I had morning sickness too, every day for the first 4 1/2 months. So I know how distracting that can be. I couldn't concentrate on anything during that time...but it will get better. Best of luck with the scan!