Sunday, 2 October 2011

Ellen's alternative Santas!

Did you ever watch this episode of Ellen with musical chairs and Santas?! It is so very funny & very touching at the end. I wanted to link up with my sweet friend's (Maureen) Sunday with Santa and thought I'll upload a new Santa post rather than link up an older post. I look forward to linking up every Sunday on I also really liked it when Ellen and Britney Spears went caroling so have uploaded an image of that too. The above photo is with thanks to google images.

As you know we have our baby scan tomorrow and so am getting excited about babies and Christmas :) Plus hubby has the day off tomorrow and so that is very nice. We chose a lovely a pale shade of yellow for the nursery today and will painting this week.

Hope you all are having a great weekend and hope you enjoy the video :)



  1. Ohh, I really enjoyed the video with the musical chairs santas...Such a great gift for the winning lady!

    What a wonderful time this is for you and your husband as you prepare for your first baby! God bless you with health all the way through the next months,

  2. Funny video and a fun game ☺

    Good luck tomorrow♥ and take care of yourself!

  3. What a fun game and such nice gifts for everyone. I've never seen this before, but enjoyed watching! Thanks for sharing and hope all goes well with the baby scan. I'll be thinking of you.

  4. Hi Lily,
    Great video! So funny.
    Best of luck on the scan. Yellow is a great color for your nursery. What shade of yellow is it. I love to hear what the name of the color of paint is. Don't they have the best names for paints?

  5. Hi Lily,
    Hope your baby scan went great! The video was just too funny! Ellen's comment about the fear on the last Santa's face was priceless. The gifts Ellen gives are really superb!
    Visiting from Yuletide Seasonings. Stop by my blog sometime and give me a shout.
    Joy @