Thursday, 13 October 2011

Autumn decorations

I would like to thank you all for your well wishes, messages and comments.  I really appreciate them and every single one of them puts a great big smile on my face.  I also really love that some of you emailed me or came back later to leave a comment as there were problems on blogger last week, you are all so very kind.  I also would like to welcome the new followers.  

By the way the nursery's painting is almost done & for those of you who had asked, we went for "pale citrus" which basically is light yellow.

I have put out some of the Autumn/Halloween decorations out. Autumn has definitely arrived here with temperatures varying from 12C to 16C and dark clouds and rain most days. It makes you want to get a cosy jumper on, get a warm cup of cocoa and carve a pumpkin. I'm not having any caffeine at all at the moment so it's been decaf tea and hot cocoa since August but now that the weather is much cooler it feels right, lol. 
Have you all started your Christmas planning yet? I met a lady at the supermarket the other day who really amazed me. She said that she has already purchased AND gift wrapped all of her gifts, she has bought her cards and started writing them plus she is buying all of her food that can be kept until then like nuts, crisps and etc.  The only things she needs to do is buy a turkey and put up her tree. Can you believe that???! I had never met anyone so organised, bless her. So far, I have made some handmade Christmas cards but that's about it, lol. 

Hope you all are having a great week.  


festive beer for hubby to enjoy at the weekend :)


  1. Your decorations look very nice! I like how you have grouped your candles together on the floor.

    I remember reading before that you like the Ellen Degeneris show, and I was wondering if you saw the two little girls from England who performed a song by Nicki Manaj? They were darling little girls!! I can't believe how good she sang the song. If you didn't see it there are two links, the fist is the song she sang and the second is when Ellen has a surprise meeting and introduces the little girls to Nicki. It's on you tube. Just copy and paste the links. You will love it. Have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Hi Lily,

    This last link to the little girls from England is the full version of them meeting Nicki. She gives them gifts and they get to sing with her.

  3. Lily,
    Love your cute Halloween decor!!

    Soon we will get to decorate for Christmas!! Yippee!!


  4. Love the Fall decorations. The beautiful bow in the last photo is so pretty.

  5. I really like your decorations :-). Fall has been in the air here too. Cooler nights and warm days, I LOVE it! That lady is amazing!! I can't believe she is that far along. I like to drag it out and make the feeling in my middle last, lol. I almost think that the anticipation is the best :-)! Hugs to you and baby. Hope you have a wonderful week to come.