Monday, 2 April 2012

Bob Ross style paintings

Hi all

Hope you have all been doing ok.  I have been so incredibly busy lately that haven't been able to blog much.  I do miss it so much.  Baby hasn't arrived yet & I can't wait to meet him. If you also believe in the power of prayers, please pray that all goes smoothly for all of us.  

I have been having painting lessons to learn to paint like Bob Ross. I am huge Bob Ross fan (both his work and his attitude towards life) but had never dared to try to paint like him.  I have had 4 lessons & here are the pictures.  Obviously I have a long way to go & so much more to learn but have really enjoyed painting so far :)

Hope you all have a really great Easter if I don't get to blog again until then :)


1st lesson

2nd lesson

3rd lesson

4th lesson


  1. Lily, I think your paintings are beautiful! I used to watch Bob Ross on our local PBS station on Saturday mornings. I loved to hear him talk, it was so calming! Good job.

  2. Beautiful job Lily! I didn't see the last one yet and I love it :-). Have been praying for you and baby boy... can't wait to see his precious face. Blessings!

  3. Hi Lily, I was thinking of you and wondered if you had your little precious one yet? I couldn't remember when he was due. Praying that all goes well for all of you. By the way...your paintings are beautiful! Job well done!!

  4. These are beautiful! You are very talented! Love Bob Ross! :)