Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Christmas Wreath

Christmas is officially just around the corner :)

As you know my beautiful bunny rabbit, Ashley, passed away only about 48 hours ago & I am missing him so very much.  I needed a project to help keep my mind off of things so I went & bought everything I needed yesterday to make a Christmas wreath & here it is. I have some photos of it when it was plain but haven't had time to upload them yet.  So hope you like the wreath that I dedicate to the memory of my only wonderful rabbit.  I will upload the photos soon, promise.

Happy November everyone & thank you for all of your comments & support.



  1. Very festive and a fitting tribute to a cherished companion. Sorry for your loss.

  2. Oh Lily you did a beautiful job! I had a smile from ear to ear watching that. It looks great and I love the wreath hanger as well. :)

  3. Your wreath is beautiful! So sorry to hear about your bunny rabbit! It's hard losing a pet. They become part of the family!

  4. Olá Lily, sinto muito pelo seu coelhinho.
    Moro no Brasil, em um casa com espaço e pretendo criar um ou dois coelhinhos no jardim.
    Acho que devem ser gratificante.
    Sempre vejo seu blog, tem posts bem bacanas.
    Tenho um blog e ficarei feliz em me visitar.

  5. Wow, beautiful. Love the red sparkling ornament, and the JOY wreath hanger. Sweet!