Saturday, 21 August 2010

Christmas Decorations

My favourite part of decorating though is getting everything out of storage and boxes and seeing everything after SO LONG! The very first thing is putting the tree up and decorating it.  We take our time with some happy Christmas music and festive Mulled Wine.  Then do the rest as we go along.

Do you stick to one colour theme each year?  I don't.  I like to mix it up but within reason.  For our Christmas tree we use lots of little wooden characters and tinsel and lights. There are some baubles too.  Also a fairy or a star for our tree topper.  The wooden characters are awesome. We also have a train track at the bottom of the tree and a train on it.  The train is called "The North Pole Express" and right at the front there is a Santa Clause waving as the train goes around. The train also plays a few holiday tunes.
It all makes the tree look really old fashioned which is how I like things to look like. I'm not very modern when it comes to decorating the house for the holidays.  I love wreath and mistletoe and wood and all that....

I also have this tradition that whenever my husband & I go on holiday, regardless of where we go to, I try and find a little Christmas decoration.  Either for the tree or round the house.  It really is a great thing to do because like photos it reminds you of your holiday.  I'd definitely recommend it :)

I also love to put lights on the windows either inside or outside of the house to spread holiday cheer in the neighbourhood. Another idea that I really love it to wrap twinkle lights around a garland and put it either on the fire place or the banister.  I must admit though when it is on the fire place there is then very little room stocking holders as it is bushy and on the banister it looks great but you then don't have anything to hold onto when going up and down the stairs. So both potentially dangerous in a mild way but its worth it.

I also love to put winter/Christmas snow globes around the house. Let's just say that it takes a very long time to decorate everywhere.

We have a big bookcase in our living room and what I am going to do this year is wrap some empty boxes (nothing too big) that we have and put some on top of the bookcase.  I love to use ribbon and make big bows with them.  So if you have lots of tall cabinets that could be an idea for you. I had used tinsel in the past but it always falls and I give up after two days.

If you have a wide vase or candle holder you could always fill it partially with beads that are for decorating the tree.  i love to decorate the kitchen a tiny bit too as I spend A LOT of time in there during the holidays.  I love to hang candy canes from the cabinet doors. That's about it really.  It's very simple but I find that it makes a big difference.  Always a couple of those candy canes make it to the tree too.

Do any of you have traditions like these? If so please share with me, I'd love to hear your ideas and traditions.

Thanks for reading :)


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